Passport Approved Top 10:

1) FOREST BLAKK - "Love Me" (DoOzy Records, Canada)
2) LEONIDEN - "Nevermind" (Wintrup, Germany)
3) YONAKA - "Bubblegum" (Asylum Records, UK)
4) THE MONTREALS - "Deadheads" (Unsigned, Australia)
5) CATHOLIC ACTION - "Black & White" (Modern Sky, Scotland)
6) MADYX - "Jupiter" (Unsigned, N. America)
7) THOMAS AZIER - "Berlin" (Universal, Holland)
8) THE SHERLOCKS - "Live For The Moment" (Infectious, UK)
9) SCHWARZ - "In Your Eyes" (Universal, Germany)
10) THE BONGO CLUB - "Seventeen" (Unsigned, Sweden)



Artist Of The Week

In this current climate of social media, it’s nearly impossible for an artist to have any mystique, let alone remain completely anonymous, yet somehow UK’s Egomunk has accomplished just that. Egomunk creates music that pulls from a myriad of influences and defies classification, the enigmatic artist has cultivated a sound and style all their own. The latest release is the single “The Only Sin Is Religion,” which has been introduced to Alternative radio in the states, earning notable airplay at WSFS Miami, KXTE Las Vegas and KJEE Santa Barbara. The music video is quite a visual, with animation adaption by Ben Marlowe of original cinematography by Madeleine Farley, as directed by Egomunk. When creating the video, Marlowe stated “I tried to concentrate on the grit of the song, and create visuals that convey an idea of upheaval and expansion.”

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