Passport Approved Top 10:

1) LONGFELLOW - "Plasticine" (Unsigned, UK)
2) LEONIDEN - "1990" (Euphorie, Germany)
3) MADYX - "I Melt With You" (Unsigned, N. America)
4) FLING - "That's Nice" (Dance To The Radio, UK)
5) THE BONGO CLUB - "Tell Your Friends"(Motor Music, GSA/The Bank Sweden, ROW)
6) GEOWULF - "Hideaway" (37 Adventures, Australia)
7) SPEAKER FIRST - "Break My Soul" (Unsigned, Indonesia)
8) GIANT PARTY - "White Ink" (Label Fandango, UK)
9) LIME CORDIALE - "Naturally" (Chugg Music, Australia)
10) ZACH WOLF - "Dark" (Unsigned, N. America)



Artist Of The Week

Dominating the charts in their native Scandinavia for over a decade on the strength of their catchy, pop-driven anthems is Donkeyboy. In 2008, the quartet signed with Warner Music in Scandinavia and made pop history in their homeland when the band spent just one week short of a full year at No.1 on the Norwegian pop charts with their first two releases. Their debut single “Ambitions” remained at the top of the charts for 12 consecutive weeks before their follow-up “Sometimes” replaced the track at No.1. This serendipitous series of events marked the first time ever that a Norwegian artist had occupied the top two spots on the singles chart, setting the band on a long and fruitful career from the get-go. Their accolades thus far are impressive and include 32 platinum awards; three Norwegian Grammy Awards and five nominations; 10 consecutive Top 5 singles; four No.1 singles in Norway and eight Top 10 singles across Scandinavia, not to mention multiple awards and over 200 million combined streams in Norway alone, a sum approximately 40 times larger than the nation’s population of five million. Donkeyboy returns with a refreshing musical collision of indie rock and synth pop with the new single “It’ll Be Alright,” which in the first week of its release was in the Top 50 on Apple streaming in Norway, and added to all Scandinavian New Music Friday Spotify playlists upon release where it is already researching well.

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