Passport Approved Top 10:

1) LONGFELLOW - "Brooklyn" (Unsigned, UK)
2) BRACELET - "Wild Heart" (Unsigned, Sweden)
3) SHAKES - "Waiting On A Feeling" (Unsigned, New Zealand)
4) CARO EMERALD - "Never Ever" (Grandmono Records, Holland)
5) SHOUT OUT LOUDS - "Oh Oh" (Bud Fox, Sweden)
6) THE BONGO CLUB - "Seventeen" (Unsigned, Sweden)
7) CATHOLIC ACTION - "Doing Well" (Modernsky, Scotland)
8) WE THE LION - "Found Love" (Unsigned, Peru)
9) OTHERKIN - "Bad Advice" (Rubyworks, Ireland)
10) SICKICK - "No Games" (Unsigned, India)



Artist Of The Week

Though but a tender 20 years of age, Australian singer/songwriter Juliana immerses us into a musical world of bittersweet pop that is hard to ignore…and even harder to resist. Juliana’s dream is to connect and inspire through her melodies and lyrics, taking her listeners on unique sonic sojourns. Juliana draws on inspirations ranging from Sia’s bravery with intervals to Halsey’s lyrical edginess and Katy Perry’s pop sensibility. Her depth as an artist owes a great deal to a youthful immersion in a wide variety of music, from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Beyoncé. In 2015 the video for her debut single, “Waterfalls,” directed by Blake Farber (Beyoncé ’s “Countdown”), was added to VEVO, garnering a great deal of interest from online tastemakers worldwide. Her song “Speechless” was added to radio in Australia on high rotation and she’s currently determined to take her music to the next level. Now, in 2017, Juliana is preparing for the release of her second EP, which is described as a discovery of raw emotion through sensuality, individuality and imagination.

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