Passport Approved Top 10:

1) KING NUN"Family Portrait" (Dirty Hit, UK)
2) THE DUNTS – "Ride The Wave" (Unsigned, Scotland)
3) GO GO BERLIN"Here Comes The Darkness" (Heartbeat Music, Denmark)
4) COYLE GIRELLI"Love Kills" (Unsigned, UK)
5) TIM SCHOU"Run, Run, Run, Run, Run" (Iceberg Records, Denmark)
6) LONGFELLOW – "Therapy" (Unsigned, UK)
7) IMBIBE – "Mirage" (Unsigned, Australia)
8) THOMAS AZIER"Wicked Game" (Unsigned, Holland)
9) ALL MANKIND – "Dreamers" (Unsigned, Australia)
10) MICHEL YOUNG"Come Over" (Unsigned, Sweden)



Artist Of The Week

The daughter of Chinese–Malaysian and New Zealand–born parents, Emily Hamilton found herself moving to Australia at an early age. As she was faced with the challenges of a new home, Emily used art as her therapy to push through and keep going. During this process, tragedy occurred as she lost her mother. Needing an outlet more than ever, Emily began focusing even more on her music. Armed with just a MIDI keyboard and a Macbook, San Mei was born. Her DIY project quickly gained approval from Triple J and earned positive reviews from both NME and NYLON. Last year, she released her debut EP Necessary, featuring the singles “Rewind” and “Until You Feel Good,” which drew support on numerous radio outlets and global new music playlists. After meeting producer, songwriter and musical phenom Oscar Dawson (Alex Lahey, British India, Ali Barter), the two made an instant connection and began working together. Their first collaboration resulted in the single “Wonder,” which rose to No.1 on Hype Machine, along with being added into full rotation at Triple J, where she became the Unearthed featured artist of the week. San Mei’s second collaboration with Dawson is titled “Heaven,” which is an indie pop anthem filled with intimidating hooks, gritty guitar runs and ethereal vocals, taken from the EP of the same name. According to San Mei, the song is about a dear friend who wasn’t in a very healthy situation and in a state of denial.

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