Passport Approved Top 10:

1) SEA GIRLS "DNA" (Polydor, UK)
2) SINGLE BY SUNDAY "Help" (Unsigned, Scotland)
3) GOLDSKEYE & TIM SCHOU "Go Hard" (Unsigned, New Zealand)
4) ADÉLAIDE"Euphorie" (Unsigned, Germany)
5) STEREOTIDE "Touch The Sky" (Unsigned, Germany)
6) TRIBE FRIDAY "Shut Me Up" (Unsigned, Sweden)
7) SAHARA BECK "Teenage Dirtbag" (Unsigned, Australia)
8) LUKE NOA "Your Smile Should Have Been Mine" (Humming Records, Germany)
9) RHETT REPKO "Lover Won't You Come Back?" (Unsigned. N. America)
10) BAKER GRACE "Pressure" (Unsigned, N. America)



Artist Of The Week

Rising artist and writer KAMRAD combines elements of Pop and Electronic create his own compelling style of music. Driven by a unique vocal sound that mixes his special vocal character with an electronic digital touch, KAMRAD’s songs perfectly unite catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics. With his current single “I Believe,” the German singer and songwriter has already achieved great success. The track has amassed more than 35 million streams, has become the most played song on German Radio recently, is Top 10 on the European Airplay Charts, and No.1 on the Polish Airplay Charts. The tune has already gone viral on TikTok, with almost 70 million views. In the song, the 24-year-old talks about commitment fears and the difficulty of entering real relationships in times of social media, stating “I think many people—myself included— suffer from the unrealistic expectations that society and social media spread in terms of relationships.”

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