Passport Approved Top 10:

1) THE DREAM MACHINE "Children, My England" (Unsigned, UK)
2) KAMRAD "Feel Alive" (Sony Music, Germany)
3) NOBLE "Lost In You" (Metrosonic Records, Portugal)
4) TALISCO "Human" (Talisco Music, France)
5) TEENAGE DADS "Hey, Diego!" (City Pop, Australia)
6) THE ROYSTON CLUB "Blisters" (Run On Records, UK)
7) MATTHEW MOLE "Countryside" (Universal Music, South Africa)
8) MADYX "Walking On The Moon" (Unsigned, N. America)
9) LAUREN WALLER "3-2-1" (Unsigned, N. America)
10) TOM A. SMITH "Little Bits" (Unsigned, UK)



Artist Of The Week

Holly Riva

Blessed with a perfect pitch, a four-octave range and a melodic and lyrical sensibility that belies her age is Australian singer-songwriter Holly Riva. One of her early tracks has already been featured in the indie movie Lair, starring John Hanna (The Mummy), which inspired Fairwood Music Publishing (UK) to sign Holly. Over the last couple of years, under her London-based management team, she has been writing with some of the very best songwriters in the UK. Holly, along with Craig Gannon (The Smiths), wrote a beautiful and inspiring song called “Hope,” which was used as a theme for all videos and information products released by the Hope Foundation Kolkata charity, a charity which supports thousands of deprived street children in India. Last year, Holly released her debut EP, A Memory, which was co-written with producer James Birt.

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