Passport Approved Top 10:

1) IAMJJ & BAKER GRACE "A Different Kind of Blues" (Mermaid Records, Denmark)
2) MUKS  – "Falling "(Unsigned, India)
3) STEREOTIDE "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" (Unsigned, Germany)
4) PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION "Tired of Loving You"(Unsigned, UK)
5) TRIBE FRIDAY “Drugs X Boys X Drugs” (Unsigned, Sweden) 
6) ADÉLAIDE"Paintings In The Sky"(Unsigned, Germany)
7) TIM SCHOU "Mad Love" Feat Sowfy (Iceberg Records, Denmark)
8) HOLYOAK "Sit Tight" (Unsigned, Germany)
9) ALLDAY "Stolen Cars" (Teamtrick, Australia)
10) DANNY BALDURSSON "Tears" (Unsigned, Faroe Islands)



Artist Of The Week

Growing up in pre-millennial India meant music was MUKS’ only escape from the matrix of monoculture. Moving to London as a student proved education is never just academic. The amateur poet immersed himself in UK club culture and became a drum and bass DJ. MUKS began exploring how to use his primary instrument, his voice, to express himself, a ceaseless journey that continues to shape his present-day work. Drawing from the lexicon of trip-hop, trap, and electronica to which he has always had a visceral reaction, MUKS’ new work immerses the listener in a hazy, dream-like world where half-forgotten memories of nostalgia and longing ebb and flow, as he creates snapshots of the deeply subjective realities that lie on either side of failed relationships. Co-produced by Marcus Andersson (Swae Lee, Wiz Khalifa), MUKS’ new single, “Falling,” distills his wide-ranging influences into sultry and pensive late-night R&B jams. His process of creation serves as a reflection of his psyche, holding up a mirror to his vulnerabilities. MUKS is also a filmmaker, recently co-producing the Oscar-nominated global hit film The White Tiger.

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