Passport Approved Top 10:

1) ADÉLAIDE"Silent Hope" (Unsigned, Germany)
2) CLUB BEIRUT "Bury My Friends" (Unsigned, Scotland)
3) MUKS "Girlfriend" (Unsigned, India)
4) DANNY BALDURSSON "Nervous" (Unsigned, Faroe Islands)
5) GEORGE DIAZ "High Rise"(DeAngelis, UK)
6) BELLWETHER "Shortsighted" (Unsigned, Australia)
7) SAHARA BECK "Crave Me" (Unsigned, Australia)
8) TYLER PAGE  "Kill All The Heroes" (Bad Future, South Africa)
9) THE SHERLOCKS "Falling" (Infectious, UK)
10) BAKER GRACE "I Feel For You" (Unsigned, N. America)



Artist Of The Week

Hailing from Dublin, 20-year-old Kehli is a vocalist and performer with a soulful, passionate and unique interpretation of contemporary pop music. Since the age of five, she has studied music and professional dance, including contemporary, hip-hop, ballet and competed at the world championship level. At the age of 14, she tried out for The Voice UK and The X Factor, and rehearsal footage of her made its way to Instagram, where she earned over 22k views in the first 48 hours. It was this experience that led to an introduction to producer/songwriter MSRD, who’s worked closely with Kehli to help her hone her sound. Kehli also worked closely with Cameron Gower-Poole (Anne-Marie) on her forthcoming debut. The first offering from her forthcoming EP is “Not OK.” The track is already earning early support on radio worldwide and has been added to numerous playlists on Spotify.

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