Passport Approved Top 10:

1) DANNY BALDURSSON "Nothing Matters" (Unsigned, Faroe Islands)
2) SEA GIRLS "Lonely" (Polydor, U.K.)
3) BAKER GRACE "Shake The Earth" (Unsigned, N. America)
4) SINGLE BY SUNDAY – "Help" (Unsigned, Scotland)
5) REST FOR THE WICKED "Devil's Delight" (EMI/UMG, Australia)
6) THE SHERLOCKS "Sorry" (Unsigned, UK)
7) SAHARA BECK "Stillness" (Unsigned, Australia)
8) MICHAEL ALDAG "Teenage Drama" (3 Beat, U.K.)
9) SAIPHE "Kiss Me" (Unsigned, Austria)
10) CLUB BEIRUT "Physical" (Unsigned, Scotland)



Artist Of The Week

Adélaide is a Berlin-based band, dealing in feel-good melodies and infectious hooks reminiscent of AIR, and Daft Punk. They have a unique take on the indie genre, with vintage synthesizers, intense melodies and tight beats working in perfect harmony. Previous singles “Paintings In The Sky,” “Silent Hope” and “Obsession” have garnered global airplay and featured on a number of influential Spotify playlists. Adélaide returns with the brand-new track “Moments.” The single is a melancholic song about remembering good times and wishing they could last forever. The band’s sync-friendly and musical influences range from Kraftwerk, Air, Phoenix and early Daft Punk are omnipresent in their musical work of art. The single oscillates between reality and fiction, or a virtual reality. This contrast is present in the music between the heavy and nostalgic verses, which acts as reality, and the dreamy and hopeful choruses, which acts as fiction.

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