Passport Approved Top 10:

1) FRIEDBERG “Yeah” (Marathon Artists, UK)
2) DANNY BALDURSSON “Tears” (Unsigned, Faroe Islands)
3) BOY DESTROY “Favourite” (Budfox, Sweden)
4) YOSHI FLOWER “Boys Don’t Cry” (UMG, N. America)
5) TRIBE FRIDAY “Drugs X Boys X Drugs” (Unsigned, Sweden) 
6) MY LIFE AS ALI THOMAS “My Red Golden Sun” (Warner Music, Thailand)
7) TEENAGE JOANS “Ice Cream” (27 Music, Australia)
8) WAITING FOR SMITH “Hopelessness of Love” (Four One Seven Records, UK)
9) LUNA BAY “Blue” (Unsigned, UK)
10) BALTHAZAR “On A Roll” (Munich Records, Belgium) 



Artist Of The Week

The band of guitar–slinging emo kids from Sweden known as Tribe Friday, marry the rugged indie rock dancehall sounds of the early 2000s with Gen Z post–pandemic party bliss. The trio that originally started as an after–school project, debuted their garage rock–ridden Trying Your Luck EP two years ago, and quickly followed it up with the band’s first U.S. and European tours. A year later, Noah Deutschmann, Isak Gunnarsson, and Robin Hanberger Pérez evolved their songwriting and production skills, resulting in the release of their genre–bending sister EPs, Chasing Pictures and Waiting For A Sign. Both EPs earned extensive airplay in Sweden and Germany and saw the band returning to the U.S. for shows in New York City and Los Angeles. After a pandemic–proof Germany tour in September, the band wrapped up the year with a nomination for ‘Group of the Year’ at the prestigious P3 Guld Awards. Tribe Friday continues to impress with their latest single “drugs x boys x drugs.”

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